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Infectious diseases treatment in nashik | Dr. Shreyans Shah

Microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, and others cause infectious illnesses and disorders. This virus, as the name implies, may spread from person to person.
In addition, numerous creatures live in and on our bodies; they are either harmless or even beneficial. Some of them are contagious and can spread sickness or viruses. Dr. Shreyans Shah a Consultant Physician provides Infectious Disease Treatment In Nashik.
Some illnesses are spread by insects or even other animals, while others are spread by consuming contaminated food or water or being exposed to environmental organisms.

Symptoms of infection:

Every illness has its own set of signs and symptoms. However, these are common or generic symptoms of the majority of illnesses, and they include:

Muscle pain

Causes of infection:

Infectious diseases can be caused by the following pathogens:

Bacterial infections: In this scenario, germs can enter our bodies and cause harm; examples include throat soreness, UTI infection, food poisoning, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and so on.

Fungal infections– Fungi are so minute that they may be seen with the naked eye. They are sometimes noticeable when you discover degradation on your bathroom tile. Vaginal infection, ringworm, tinea pedis, or athlete’s foot are all examples of fungal infections.

Parasitic diseases occur when parasites reside in or on a host body and get nutrition from it. Malaria, tapeworm infection, head lice, scabies, and other parasitic illnesses are examples.


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